Robin Baldridge Reames

Profile Updated: January 9, 2011
Residing In: Ashland, KY USA
Spouse/Partner: Richard Reames
Occupation: Kept Woman
Children: Ben born 1981 and living in Ashland. Katie born 1983 and living in Raleigh, NC. Grandson Samuel (Ben's More…child) born 2006 and now Sebastian is here born Dec. 9, 2010.

I lived in Sarasota, FL for many years and returned to Ashland in 1990 and have been here ever since. I worked in HR for Honeywell for ten years.

School Story:

School was fun....Friday nights, etc. After learning about the disorder now known as ADD, I'm sure that I have it. I can't imagine a worse place to try to concentrate than a school that was all glass! It was hard for me to pay attention...I just thought I was stupid. At least, that's what I tell myself now. Does anyone remember that really weird guidance
counselor man Mr. Sullivan I think. He would let me leave for breakfast all the time and used to brag to us about taking the ACT and SAT for people. Our parents should have been scared of him but we thought he was cool.


Ben's son Samuel was born in 2006 and Sebastian born Dec. 9th 2010. They live here in Ashland so thankfully, we get to see them quite often.

What was your first car?

My car was a gray Corvair that I shared with my Mother. It would not even start in the rain and when it did run, you had to drive with the windows rolled down to prevent asphyxiation. I even wrecked it one time and thought my Dad would get me a different car....not so....he had it fixed.

What is the farthest place you've traveled?

I never traveled much before I married Richard but he is from England so we go there often. We have also been to Rome....that's about the farthest. We had our bags all packed to go to Paris for my 50th birthday but instead, Richard had open heart surgery so that is still on our to do list. We enjoy going to Mexico and the Dominican Republic for vacations.

Where did you meet your spouse/partner?

When I was in the process of a divorce in 1990, I moved back to Ashland and worked as a Kelly Temp and was assigned to Richards office. I remember thinking....your wife is the luckiest person in the world...turns out I was right. We met again in 2001 and married in 2003.

What did you think you would be doing after high school?

Wow, I never was much on long term planning.

What would we be surpised to know about you?

Probably nothing, I'm pretty predictable.

What was your favorite song during our senior year?

When I hear Stairway to Heaven it always makes me think of a long kiss-fest in someone's car at the top of the hill as you are driving out of the school. That's not actually my favorite but it sure does bring back fond memories.

What is your favorite song now?

On my goodness, I am too eclectic to have one favorite. Sometimes it's jazz or sometimes it's country.

What is on your Bucket List?

Scuba Diving

What is the one thing that has changed about you since high school?

Up until I was 30 years old, I was Cinderella at the ball but at that time, everything turned into a pumpkin and the shoe didn't fit so now, I am a little more realistic about life.

Ginger or MaryAnn?

Probably Ginger but I'd rather be the glamorous MaryAnn.

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